Disney Gym Playlist

I created a playlist of Disney songs I thought were suitable for the gym since I have to get back there and work out RIGHT AWAY.

I was actually surprised how many up tempo songs were suitable for an eliptical/ treadmill work out. I would have to make a separate one for strength and flex work outs as Zero to Hero gets me too hyped up, I’d be doing about 100 reps a set and singing!


Mickeys Not so scary Halloween Party

I am in a Disney vacuum right now and it is unpleasant.

I’ve just got back from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and it was absolutely incredible. I’ve never been to any kind of event before in Disney World and it was so good I cant be effusive enough about it. For about $60 I got to enter the park from 4pm on Friday the 27th of September and roam around like a real MYW ticket owner would.

The only regret I have is not taking enough photos while I was there :C. I have had my camera about a year and still not figured out how to use it on any other setting than AUTO. 

These were (briefly) the best things about MNSSHP;






The crowds were incredible, everyone was in such a good mood and pretty much everyone was in costume! I am pretty cynical but I had to quietly choke back tears seeing all the little children dressed up :C omg.


The decorations everywhere were everywhere, and everywhere they were, they were wonderful.


Because there was so much going on it was easier to get on rides that usually have unreasonably long queues like the The Many Adventures of Winne the Pooh for christs sake. 


Although we got stuck when the ride broke down in the dream sequence room – glad I wasn’t on acid.



Hooray! That was us when we started moving (pictured: Nikkis minnie mouse ear)



The trick or treating was really easy to do and really rewarding especially if you’re english and not used to all the weird shizz they hand out. LOOK AT THAT BOX OF DOTS. I am never opening it it is too perfect. I am going to put it under my christmas tree.



Not pictured: The minnie mouse ears I got that glow in the dark, The haunted mansion photo ops I missed, The people dressed as totally inappropriate characters for disney world (The hulk, Gru from despicable me etc), The castle being generally beautiful and the many packets of unopened craisins I got from trick of treating that will never be eaten.



x Jess




Here You Leave Today

Hi and welcome to the first post of our first-ever Disney blog! I’m Niki, and I’ll be writing this blog along with my friend Jess. We’re both Disney freaks who thought this would be a great outlet for our Disney obsessing. But more on us later…

The title of this blog, “Here You Leave Today,” references the quote that is memorialized in plaques near the entrances of most of the Disney parks. The quote reads, “Here You Leave Today and Enter the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy.”

ImageWalt Disney World’s plaque, which hangs in the Magic Kingdom above the entrance tunnel (below Main Street Station).


I love this plaque so much, both for its sentimentality/history and the fact that it marks the point where you literally are transported from the real world into Disney World. Walt came up with this saying himself, which makes it that much more magical. It perfectly sums up the objective of the Disney parks and why people from all over the world visit them and love them so much.

ImageWalt’s rough draft (as seen at a D23 expo exhibit).


I knew that Disney World and Disneyland had these plaques, but until doing a bit of research, I didn’t know that they hang in Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris as well.

ImageClockwise from top left: Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, & Disneyland Paris.


As you can see, the Paris plaque is a little different, reading: “Here you leave today and enter worlds of history, discovery and ageless fantasy.” Despite the changed wording, I’m partial to the Paris sign because of the awesome patina (I wish they would make more of the signage/theming at Disney World look authentically old like that).

So now that you know the story behind our blog title… check back with us soon for a more thorough introduction and tons of Disney musings, pics, and reviews. Thanks for reading!


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